BinPack supports updated 125 list

Last week Fyodor released the results of the top security tools poll at BinPack has always had a ‘sectools100’ list for quick install of these applications into your system. With the new results out, we synced the list and created a ‘sectools125’ list. Download the text file and put it in the ‘lists’ directory to access the sectools125 list. Enjoy!

BinPack for OSX?

When we first introduced BinPack to the public last year we got a lot of questions about OSX. I’m guessing that is because some people don’t feel that Windows is a viable platform for performing security activities like penetration testing or vulnerability assessments. Everyone is different I guess. So my question to the readers is simply this: Do you want to see BinPack ported over to OSX and with an equivalent package repository? Please post your opinion and say why you feel this way. Thanks!

BinPack package updates

Have you been keeping your applications up to date with BinPack? We recently updated 43 packages to their latest versions so sync away.