About Us

Godai Group is a professional services firm passionate about information security. Our area of focus is researching new threats, developing new tools, and providing services to ultimately make networked environments more secure.


Garrett Gee – Founder

Garrett Gee has been in the information security industry for the last 16 years, and is an active member of the community. He has appeared on several news venues such as 60 Minutes, ABC News, The Washington Post, and The Osgood File. In 2001 he developed the first bootable live cd for penetration testing and forensics called PLAC.

Peter Kim – Senior Researcher

Peter Kim has been in the information security industry for 9 years, working in the utility, financial, and government sectors.  He currently works as a security consultant to monitor, correlate, and track malicious attackers/attacks happening in the wild.  In his free time, he teaches network security classes at a local college.