Nessus Parsing Tools – ChangeLog

Version 1.3

In the last release we introduced report generation for findings that need no additional investigation (auto mode) and findings that do need additional manual investigations (manual mode). While this is certainly great to reduce time, we noticed that there was still a need to go back to the original nessus report to see what was missing. So in this release, we introduce another new reporting mode to show all non softed findings.

There is an ignore_ids.txt file that can be used when using the new report format (unsorted mode). The stock ignore_ids file has all the ids used in the auto and manual modes, as well as some others like the traceroute, echo, and ssh detection plugins.

Lastly, there was a fix to support the latest nessus nbe files. Looks like there is an xml header now included, as well as blank lines. Who knows that the reasons for the blank lines are, but there is detection code in there now.