Our team has several decades of combined experience in the public and private sector, working to identify threats and making networked environments more secure. We are here to assist in your cyber security objectives and we’re dedicated to serving you —our customer— with the highest level of service. If you need more information or would like to schedule us, please use the service request form in the sidebar.


Web Application Penetration Testing – Web application penetration tests simulate real work attacks against your customer facing websites. We will identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that bad guys could leverage to harm your company and your customers. We provide detailed analysis to correct these issues in a practical, actionable way which will allow your organization to be protected against future attacks.


Network Penetration Testing – Network penetration tests simulate real work attacks against your external and internal network assets for potential security holes and vulnerabilities. A network penetration test is one of the best methods to determine the real-world risk your network possesses.


Password Cracking – We can help recover passwords originating from multiple environments such as operating system accounts, BIOS, encrypted hard drives, web browser, zip/rar/7zip archives, doc/pdf documents, etc. Note that this service is only for law enforcement, military, government agencies, forensics agencies, and private investigators.


Doppelganger Domain Scan – The next step in protecting your company from doppelganger domains. Get a full report with analysis on your domain’s susceptibility to doppelganger domains.


Other Cyber Security Services – We offer many other cyber security service offerings such as tool development, training, recruiting, and onboarding. We want to partner with you and tailor the service to best enhance your company’s security posture.