Presenting at ToorCon 13

I just got word that we will be presenting on Doppelganger Domains at this year’s ToorCon! We are super excited and we will have some interesting examples to share, so make sure you don’t miss our presentation.

Godai Group heading to Las Vegas

Godai Group will be at BlackHat USA, DEFCON, and BSidesLV this year. If you want to meet up and talk about the tools, talk shop, etc let us know by leaving a comment. See you out there and stay cool!

First Post!

Hi everyone, Welcome to the new site design! We hope you like it as much as we do. Thanks to Mike @ Guerrilla for the great custom wordpress theme. Coming soon we will be releasing for free some tools we wrote and are still use today. The projects from West Coast Hackers will also be merging into this site.